Link Building (Backlink building)

Link Building is the process of placing your website's backlinks on external websites, often from a higher authority. According to experts, Google considers backlinks as recommendations of your website on other websites.

Google works with the logic that the content on your website is so good that other publishers want to show it to their audiences to improve their information. This means that the information and quality content part of link building is something that Google emphasizes.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks are classified into two categories: Do-Follow and No-Follow.
Do-Follow links are those that help in SEO scores, improve search rankings, and improve site metrics. Not only do they help drive traffic, but they also help in scores.

Do not track links are those that only help drive traffic. They do not help increase SEO scores or website metrics.

However, the ambiguity surrounding the effect untracked links have on search rankings is something that Google has not been able to eliminate. Several digital marketers have found that untracked links, especially from high-authority sites like Quora, Reddit, and Social Media, affect search metrics, traffic, and rankings.

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