Web Traffic Analysis

Web Traffic Analysis

Web traffic analysis is a technique to analyze the traffic rate of the website. Web traffic analysis determines not only the traffic rate but also the ranking of the page and its performance. Web Traffic rate analyzes the website to make the website more effective, user friendly.

Why is the Web Traffic analysis significant?

·         It helps to know detail information about the visitors

·         It helps to know how long the visitor is on your site

·         It determines what they are doing on your website.

·         What can be the reasons to leave your site

·         It helps determine the weak point of the website

Which are the free Web Traffic Analysis tools?

The top 10 free web analysis tool are:

i.                     Google Analytics

ii.                   Bitly

iii.                  Piwik

iv.                 Open Web Analytics

v.                   Clicky

vi.                 SimilarWeb

vii.                SEMrush

viii.              Moz Keyword Explorer

ix.                 Cyfe

x.                   Google Search Console

Working Principle of Web Traffic Analysis Tools

By measuring the keyword performance, Web traffic Analysis Tools determine where the site are improving and where the areas need to be improved. The way the web traffic analysis tool analyzes web traffic:

Traffic Source:

It determines where the visitors come from like social media, email or organically.

Pages Views:

Shows how many times the user has visited our specific page on your website.


It shows the total number of the visit on our site and keeps a record of both new and returning visitors.

Unique Visit:

Unique stay is those who visit your page for the first time, and it plays an essential role in website success.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate describes the percentage of visitors who viewed our page and immediately left without reading.

Average Time-On-Page:

It determines how long the visitor spend on your page.

Exit Page:

It determines from which page the visitor exit.

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