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PPC (Pay Per Click) Service 

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of online advertising used to drive traffic to websites in which advertisers pay a publisher (search engines, website owner). With the help of PPC, advertisers can reach the audience they want, when they want and often at the budget they want. When the ad is clicked, an advertiser pays a certain amount of money which he had bid for that certain ad to the publisher every time someone (users) clicks on it. Pay Per Click model based on three major components such as keyword, platform and audience (users) which are interrelated with each other. In PPC advertisers focus on what types of the audience must be targeted and which platform must be selected for advertising their ad.

How PPC Works?

• First, the advertiser puts up an ad on websites, web portals

• A cost per click (CPC) is set by the advertiser that he wishes to pay per click

• When the user clicks on the ad, the CPC is paid by the advertiser

• The entire process is automated, happens online through the application. 

Types of PPC Marketing

• PPC Marketing can be Text, Images and Videos

• Advertiser can put the ads in different shape and size as they want

• Google Ad’s,, Double Click are some platform for advertising ads

• In PPC, there are two parties – advertiser and publisher, where advertiser puts up the ad, the publisher publishes the ad and they come together to promote an ad intended for the end the user who clicks the ad. PPC Marketing is one of the most ROI generation process in Digital Marketing.

How much an advertiser pays for a click?

Pay-per-click = Advertising cost/number of ads clicked Simply, it depends on how much is the budget and how many clicks you are getting out of it so that we can exactly know how much you are spending for each click and how many customers that you are getting per click.

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